Overview of Senior Software Engineer

Worksmith is transforming the way retailers, restaurants, pharmacies, and many more manage their operations by providing a single solution for all of their facilities needs. Our software-enabled marketplace seamlessly connects our clients with local service providers across the US and Canada to provide high quality service at the best price for everything from repairs and maintenance, to commercial cleanings, to garment and linen care.

Worksmith’s software saves time, money and headaches: for clients, Worksmith provides the peace of mind of knowing any emergency or recurring maintenance need is being handled efficiently and effectively by the Worksmith network.

For service providers, Worksmith is an easy-to-use, pay-for-performance marketing vehicle that provides job opportunities without the hassle of sales and marketing, billing or collections. Our platform provides the means for local service providers to dramatically grow their business: the top-performing service provider will make nearly $2M through Worksmith in 2022.

So, how do engineers contribute to this mission?

For us, it starts with building scalable and easy to use software using the latest and greatest technologies.  Through hard work and collaboration, our team is building the Worksmith software platform from the ground up.  This platform is responsible for redefining how our clients interact with our vendors and is the backbone of our company.


A few other things to know about us:

  • We don’t settle for good – we strive for great
  • We work hard and play hard
  • We challenge the concept of “because it’s always been done this way” and the phrase “it can’t be done” is not in our vocabulary
  • We’re team players
  • We rise to the occasion

About our technology stack:

  • We focus on using the latest and greatest technologies to ensure that we’re building software in the most efficient and scalable way possible.
  • We work hard to ensure that we’re adhering to our best practices through collaboration – code reviews, pair programming sessions, etc.
  • We take pride in our technology stack and feel responsible for ensuring that we are putting our best foot forward with every commit.

Overview of Senior Software Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer, Worksmith will provide you the opportunity to develop the necessary skillset to become a senior executive in the technology industry.

Not only will you will be given the opportunity to hone your engineering skills across our entire technology stack – from our React Native mobile app, to our Spring powered API, to our DevOps setup in AWS – but you will be given the opportunity to learn about business, entrepreneurship, and leadership – how effectively communicate between departments, how to think about analyzing cost vs. value of a new project or initiative, how to set deadlines and deliver.  We believe strongly that this well-rounded skillset is a requirement for all leaders in the technology space, and we believe that Worksmith offers the unique opportunity to grow these skills – quickly.


The right candidate:

  • Can write reusable, maintainable, bullet-proof code
  • Is excited to head to the whiteboard to work out a tough problem with your fellow developers
  • Can take feedback as well as you can give it
  • Can work with our business owners to gather requirements and produce a well thought out project plan
  • Is willing to participate in an on-call rotation and contribute to the automation of our infrastructure, deployment and CI systems
  • Displays a self-motivated drive to continuously improve
  • Is motivated to not only achieve but exceed expectations

We also look for these qualities:

  • A willingness to learn
  • A positive and hard-working attitude
  • Patience and tenacity
  • Organized and detail-oriented


  • A four-year college degree
  • 3+ years experience in Java or a similar object-oriented programming language 
  • 3+ years experience with relational databases
  • Experience with Spring Framework is a plus
  • Experience with AWS is a plus

What we offer:

  • A culture of people dedicated to building a fast-growing, highly profitable business
  • Opportunities that accompany a high-growth organization
  • Competitive compensation including stock options
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Flexible vacation policy

Worksmith is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Worksmith does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other protected characteristic.


To apply, submit resumes to careers@worksmith.com