Expertise to meet your needs.

Worksmith customers operate in a wide range of industries, all with unique needs and requirements. We understand the challenges of each industry we serve and offer service solutions to support each business’s particular demands.

Service Lines


Apparel, accessories, jewelry, home goods, and specialty stores.

Delight your customer through great service and pleasant in-store shopping experience.

Spa, Salons, & Fitness

Salons, spas, gyms, and boutique fitness studios.

Deliver an oasis for clients with a clean space and superior amenities.


Cafes & Restaurants

Coffee shops, cafes, fine dining, fast casual, ice cream shops, juice bars, and more.

Ensure a positive customer experience with efficient operations, great ambiance, and appropriate food safety measures.


Medical, dental, and veterinary offices.

Create a welcoming, hygienic, and comfortable atmosphere for your patients.



Small office spaces to large corporate campuses.

Provide an ideal working environment and limit operational disruptions.

Grocery, Convenience Stores, & Pharmacies

Small to large grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

Create a clean shopping environment and ensure your equipment meets regulations.

Property Management

Commercial and residential properties.

Give tenants peace of mind.

Financial Institutions

Bank branches, brokerages, insurance outlets, and corporate locations.

Create a welcoming and safe space for business.

Financial Institutions

Apartment Complexes, Short-Term Rentals, and Hotels

Apartment complexes, boutique to mid-size hotels, large hotels, resorts, and short-term rentals.

Deliver superior customer satisfaction with clean and well-maintained facilities.

What our customers are saying.

marine layer

“I absolutely love Worksmith. It has already saved me hours of work and has helped me get so many tasks done quickly and efficiently. I’m no longer waiting on hold, getting ghosted by contractors, chasing after people for scheduling updates or prices.” 

Fee Basanavicius, Regional Operations Manager

“Thanks to Worksmith, INDOCHINO’s Retail Operations Team is able to consolidate all of our facilities work orders into one easy-to-use portal where we can efficiently communicate with both our vendors and our showrooms out in the field!”

Adrian Talingdan, Retail Operations
outdoor voices

“Worksmith has improved our store operations practices by allowing us to easily set up everything from recurring services to one-time requests. By making it so simple, they allow Outdoor Voices to focus on what we do best! … #doingthings.”

Jonny Knapczyk, Retail Operations

“Worksmith eliminated an aspect of my job that took up a significant amount of my time and wasn’t part of my background. It’s almost like we have a facilities maintenance department here that’s overseeing everything and being really consistent.”

Gary Anctil, Director of Visual Merchandising

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